SL NoRegistered HerbicidesToxic effects in Humans
12,4-Dichlorophenoxy acetic acidEndocrine disruptor, reproductive, neurotoxicant, Irritant to eyes, skin and respiratory tract, IARC-Group 2B carcinogen.
2AmetryneIrritant to eyes and skin
3AnilofosAcetyl cholinesterase inhibitor, neurotoxicant, respiratory and skin irritant.
4AtrazineEndocrine disruptor, Irritant to eyes, skin and respiratory tract
5AzimsulfuronNo available data
6Bensulfuron- methylNo available data
7BentazonSkin sensitizer and eye irritant
8Bispyribac- sodiumSkin sensitizer
9ButachlorSkin irritant and sensitizer
10Carfentrazone- ethylNo available data
11Chlorimuron- ethylNo available data
12ChlorprophamPossible spleen, bone-marrow & red blood cell toxicant
13CinmethylinSkin irritant, Possible liver and blood toxicant
14ClethodimSkin sensitizer, may cause damage nasal cavity, liver and gastrointestinal toxicant
15Clodinafop-propargylSkin sensitizer and eye irritant, Possible ovaries, prostate and blood toxicant
16ClomazoneReproductive and liver toxicant
17Cyhalofop- butylPotential gall bladder, liver & kidney toxicant
18DazometSkin and eye irritant, skin sensitizer, liver toxicant
19Diclofop- methylSkin sensitizer, respiratory irritant, kidney and liver toxicant
20DiclosulamIrritant to eyes and skin,
21DiuronCarcinogen, endocrine disruptor, respiratory irritant, Possible blood, kidney, bladder, spleen and liver toxicant
22Ethoxy sulfuronSkin and eye irritant,
23Fenoxaprop- P-EthylRespiratory, eye and skin irritant, possible liver and kidney toxicant.
24FlorasulamRespiratory tract irritant, Potential blood, adrenals, kidney and liver toxicant.
25FlorpyrauxifenNo available data
26Fluazifop-P-butylSkin sensitizer, possible kidney and liver toxicant.
27FlucetosulfuronNo available data
28FluchloralinSkin and eye irritant,
29FlufenacetSkin sensitizer, possible thyroid, spleen and liver toxicant.
30FlumioxazinReproductive toxicant, Eye irritant.
31FlupyriminNo available data
32FlurochloridonNo available data
33Fluroxypyr meptylReproductive toxicant, possible kidney toxicant
34Fluthiacet methylCarcinogen, eye irritant, Possible liver and pancreas toxicant
35FomesafenRespiratory tract, eye and skin irritant, possible liver toxicant
36Glufosinate ammoniumReproductive and neurotoxicant, possible lungs, kidney and bladder toxicant.
37GlyphosateEye irritant, possible bladder and liver toxicant, carcinogen (IARC-Group 2A)
38Halauxifen-methylReproductive toxicant, possible kidney, liver and bladder toxicant
39Halosulfuron- methylRespiratory tract irritant
40Haloxyfop P MethylSkin irritant
41HexazinoneSkin irritant
42ImazamoxRespiratory tract, eye and skin irritant
43ImazethapyrReproductive toxicant, eye and skin irritant
44IndaziflamNeurotoxicant, eye irritant, possible liver and thyroid toxicant
45IsoproturonCarcinogen, endocrine disruptor, skin and eye irritant
46Mesosulfuron MethylRespiratory tract, eye and skin irritant
47MesotrioneSkin and eye irritant, neurotoxicant, may damage corneal opacity.
48Metamifop TINo available data
49MetamitronEndocrine disruptor, possible thyroid toxicant
50MethabenzthiazuronRespiratory tract, eye and skin irritant
51Methyl bromideReproductive and neurotoxicant, eye, skin and respiratory irritant, kidney toxicant.
52Methyl chlorophenoxy acetic acidEye irritant, Possible liver, kidney & blood toxicant
53MetolachlorEndocrine disruptor, eye and skin irritant, possible carcinogen
54MetribuzinEndocrine disruptor, reproductive toxicant, thyroid toxicant
55Metsulfuron- methylRespiratory tract irritant
56OrthosulfamuronReproductive tract irritant, neurotoxicant, Possible liver, spleen and kidney toxicant
57OxadiargylNo available data
58OxadiazonReproductive toxicant, respiratory tract irritant, liver toxicant.
59OxyfluorfenCarcinogen, possible Liver and spleen toxicant
60Paraquat dichlorideRespiratory tract, eye and skin irritant, Potential liver, kidney, stomach, intestine and respiratory system toxicant
61PendimethalinReproductive, thyroid, liver and neurotoxicant, skin, eye, and respiratory tract irritant.
62PenoxsulamPossible blood, liver and kidney toxicant
63PinoxadenRespiratory tract, eye and skin irritant, skin sensitizer
64PretilachlorRespiratory tract, eye and skin irritant
65PropanilEndocrine disruptor, Eye irritant, Possible liver, kidney, spleen and testes toxicant
66Propaquizafopskin sensitizer
67Pyrazosulfuron- ethylNo available data
68PyriftalidNo available data
69Pyrithiobac- sodiumPossible liver toxicant, possible human carcinogen
70PyroxasulfonUSEPA – possible human carcinogen at high doses
71Quizalofop- ethylNo available data
72quizalofop-P-tefurylSkin sensitizer, eye irritant, possible liver toxicant
73SaflufenacilNo available data
74Sodium acifluorfenNo available data
75SulfentrazoneEye irritant, possible liver and kidney toxicant
76SulfosulfuronEye irritant, possible kidney and urinary system toxicant
77TembotrioneEye irritant, skin sensitizer
78ThiobencarbNeurotoxicant, acetyl cholinesterase inhibitor, possible liver and kidney toxicant
79TopramezoneReproductive toxicant, skin irritant, possible liver, thyroid toxicant
80TriafamoneLiver and thyroid toxicant
81TriallateSkin sensitizer, possible human carcinogen, possible liver, spleen and kidney toxicant
82TriasulfuronPossible blood and liver toxicant, Respiratory tract irritant
83Trifloxysulfuron sodiumSkin and eye irritant, cause protein metabolic disturbances, emphysema and weight loss.
84TrifluralinEndocrine disruptor, reproductive, liver, blood, kidney and neurotoxicant, respiratory tract irritant, skin sensitizer.


Registered herbicides- Directorate of plant protection, quarantine and storage-https://ppqs.gov.in/sites/default/files/molecules_registered_under_section-93_as_on_01.10.2022.pdf

Health effects-Table compiled by PAN India; Information collected from Pesticide Property Database; University of Hertfordshire