About Us

This microsite is intended to generate awareness on synthetic toxic chemicals called herbicides/weedicides that are used for killing unwanted plant species. These chemicals are found to have intimidating effects on animal health and the environment, which are long-lasting and can be irreversible. We share our knowledge to educate the society about the impacts of herbicide use and empower them in adopting agroecological approaches.  Accentuating the need for non-chemical strategies, we encourage the farming community, consumers, governments and policymakers to help counteract the hazardous impacts of herbicide use. Efforts have been made to give information as accurate as possible based on the available documents.

The information provided in this site is expected to contribute to informed decision making on strictly regulating hazardous herbicides towards fostering a paradigm shift to non-chemical alternatives at regulatory, policy and end users level which is basically farmers and farm workers.

Our Focus


The primary step in minimizing the hazardous impacts of herbicides is undoubtedly preventing its use. There exists no scientific way for handling herbicides in a safe manner. We are exigent need of a transition from conventional methods to eco-friendly and non-chemical practices. We educate, support and inspire the society for adopting sustainable ways of weed management reducing their reliance on herbicides.


Introducing new alternative, effective and innovative agroecological strategies in weed management can help us maximizing our impacts and growing sustainable agriculture. These are highly necessary for recovering the soil health and structure and improving environmental quality, ecosystem functioning and animal health. Introducing such practices can recover the impacts brought on by herbicides.